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VHS Crew.


This is the heart-child of Jack Hodges, aka Dowatfeelsgood, VHS is a street art collective. Jacks also a south coast local (actually Jack and I met randomly in Yogyakarta, as artists on a mural project run by SurviveGarage!).  Its a simple concept, find old VHS tape covers, and represent them on walls. Its a grand idea.  These tapes are curios, strange objects, time capsules of content and consumerism. Street art is a funny thing. Definitely, the more the better. But I'm a bit over the all the big portraits around the place. VHS crew is my kind of pop-realism.

At DAILY GRIND store and skate ramp in Adelaide city, with Alejandra AKA Carakola.

Under a bridge in Currency Creek, SA

Robsart Street, Parkside, SA. Alongside an older mural of Jack's.


Pt Elliot Road Bridge, SA.
From left, "Occy: The Documentary" (Carakola), "Babes in Toyland" (Dowatfeelsgood), and  "Rowdyman" (Westhepants)

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