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A 2-stroke prayer-wheel. It's loud and has a questionable carbon footprint, though it does produce a hell of a lot of Karma. Mixed media 2013.

Homo religiosus, the era and reappearing characteristic of human kind, defined by its distinction of sacred and profane time. Profane time is what we normally experience, 'quotidian reality' they call it, meaning daily, repeating, insistent reality. The idea of sacred time, is a proposition of incomprehensibility, as such it's existence cannot be argued for by the use of reason. The sacred/profane dichotomy, they call an 'arch-coincidentia-oppositorium', the big chalk-and-cheese. Homo-religiosus is of course, excited about the sacred, and at appropriate times, attempts to reveal it, to express it, honour it, describe it. Inevitably his means are profane or wordly (paintings, stones, songs) and these things made from wordly phenomena, used to describe noumenal sacred, are called hierophanies: hiero meaning sacred, and phanus, to reveal, like in epi-phany.

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