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My 2021 residency at Saurbier House was inspired by Lynne Kelly's books on memory. What interested me most was the image-generative power of the many types of mnemonics.

One such mnemonic, commonly known as the "Dominic" system, involves creating a database of (in my case 100) Person/Action/Objects. One then can create a story using these elements, to encode a number. I decided to learn pi to 1000 digits of π (video below)

Some of the drawings for those 100 characters.

A memory palace is a vision of an architecture that is used to store knowledge. Memory prompts can be placed sequentially around the imagined structure. Natural environments can be used to create memory palaces, a 'walk around the block' can be used to remember lists, for example. It wasnt necessary, but i made a physical palace (below).

>a construction of my personal memory palace, a system that uses loci within an architecture or landscape. The lower part of the palace is a reconstruction of my family home, the top part is a landscape with locations of 'the heroes journey'.

>i made a booklet of ten such pages to remember the first 100 digits of π.

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